The Education of George Washington Book: Guide Yourself with Assistance of First President of America

A book which is a perfect guide for your future because it is based on an amazing new discovery. This book takes you on the journey of great George Washington’s life.

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You can use this book as a new discovered guide to transform yourself from a poor, awkward teenager , uneducated, into the best dancer in Virginia, richest citizen,  its best athlete, and all around-star. The education of George Washington book is a gift for people who wants to make their life unique and successful. A perfect guide to achieve your dreams.

How about this:

This book contains history of revolution journey of George Washington’s life. It was suspect, long before the American Rebellion, of accidentally starting. A world war which is the Seven Years War.

Work Experience:

The education of George Washington and the work experience of his life is totally unpredictable. His life started from a small Moderate schooling than he go up with running a small farm and finally leads to an army chief in American Revolution’s world war.

Bravery and strength:

The education of George Washington book content lots of bravery incident of his life for an example: once an Indian gunman was allotted to kill George. He took 19 attempts at him. Why did the gunman stop firing, and become Washington’s fan? You can find all this great incident of George’s life in this book. Which really helps you to become stronger and fight with your life’s obstacle.

But it’s so much more:

The Education book of George Washington is not a silent history book about a normal guy who once lived, long ago. It’s about a lot that survives today, and can live in your personal life. The Education of George Washington is about the morals of a hero, and his newly found guide to greatness. It’s about how he internalized wisdom that helped his hope, and this will definitely give some guide those who going to read this book.

It is an exciting journey that can change your own life into a thrilling adventure. It’s like a beneficial source, or a motivating roller-coaster.


The author of George Washington book is none other than his own great-nephew Austin Washington, Austin writes about a forgotten book.

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He claims modified the Founding Father’s character. Austin deems it very essential that all Americans change their ways and become more like his great-uncle. Ignoring the way of more than 200 years of social, economic and political changes that have changed the need or/and convenience of such a human. He does allow innovation with associations that suit no dedication and make no point. This educational book seems to be George’s bully platform. According to his conclusion: “If you trust in Wisdom, follow your morality, and keep an eye on the past history to guide you,” he inscribes, “while you keep another eye on your aims, then you, too, can be great and good, just like America’s first president George Washington”.